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Life in the Marsh

Life in the Marsh


Marsh areas are home to many forms of life and these Red-Winged Blackbirds can be viewed in great numbers flying from reed to reed and singing their very unique song to the world.


Paper: Paper prints are printed on high quality photographic paper and can be finished as either Gloss, Matte, or Metallic. Gloss provides a high sheen and is printed on high quality paper. Matte provides minimal texture and sheen, and excellent true to life color. Metallic features a glossy finish with a metallic appearance that brings out visual interest and depth. Metallic would be our recommendation for our Landscape photography. The minimal sheen ensures that sun or light glare will not distract the viewer from the image, while the metallic appearance brings out the best in the natural colors.

Metal: Metal is the pinnacle of photography display and generally looks the best on any wall. The gloss finish makes the colors pop but does not have a high sheen, so glare is not a worry. Without the need for a frame to hang the artwork, the photo itself becomes the center of attention and the viewer has no distractions from the image. This material can be fragile, however, so handle it with great care and be sure not to touch the edges too much, as this can chip the image away from the metal. Also, if transportation of the print is necessary, take great care to package it properly, using newspaper or similar to wrap it multiple times and package it in a box that allows for around a half inch of space on all sides.

Canvas: Canvas brings a classic rustic look to the image and adds a lot of texture. Although not usually ideal for Landscape photography, this can be a good choice in a house, restaurant, Airbnb, etc. with an already rustic décor. Zero sheen means that glare will never be an issue, but some of the colors may be a little more dull than what the original image shows. This is a good option for those looking to decorate their interior space at minimal expense and is extremely easy to transport. Canvas can be ripped or torn, but with a little care, transportation is a breeze.

Acrylic: Acrylic prints are vibrant and breathtaking to look at. While it is a heavier option, Acrylic prints typically bring out all of the great qualities that you get from a metal print, while adding some protection to the image. Where metal prints can chip away from the surface of the metal if not handled properly, acrylic prints will not do so. With the proper mounting hardware, acrylic prints make for an eyecatching display and are incredibly durable, therefore they are extremely easy to transport.

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