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About Us

Backcountry Perspective is a photo company with a specific focus on adventure photography. We are dedicated to “Capturing Adventure” not only in our Colorado backyard but across the world! See you in the backcountry!

Backcountry Perspective gets its name from our desire to shed new light on the beauty of the nature that surrounds us. In an increasingly developed world, we tend to forget the beauty of the natural world and while an urban environment has its advantages, we feel that the backcountry is our home. We started our company to share our passion and to bring light into peoples' homes, offices, and life in general! Our aim is to take that "perspective" and bring it to you. To really capture the beauty and adventure of one fleeting moment in the backcountry and present it in a simple, beautiful way that will bring a lifetime of joy and remind you of the beauty that can be found on this planet. We want our images to make you feel at home, to brighten a gloomy day, to bring a sense of calm in the midst of chaos, to lift spirits in difficult times, and we hope that you find that in our work!

Read more about us on our Shout Out Colorado article!
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